Body Cavity Bombers: The New Martyrs (A Terrorism Research Center book)

For those of us who must address future terrorist threats, we must reconcile the unthinkable with the possible. In so doing, we must also not create an environment conducive to use by terrorists in creating a climate of fear. Robert Bunker and Christopher Flaherty in their Body Cavity Bombers: The New Martyrs have met these challenges by presenting a threat that has been murderously enhanced since “mules” secreted drugs in their bodies to escape detection by customs and police. Terrorists now have the capability to surgically implant explosives in body cavities thus becoming a new type of suicide bomber. Those in the front line of identifying and taking necessary action to counter these new techniques of destruction would be well advised to read Dr. Bunker and Dr. Flahertys’ realistic assessment.

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Body Cavity Bombers: The New Martyrs: A Terrorism Research Center Book